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How To Drape A Saree | The Cancan Drape (Back Pleats)

How To Drape A Saree | The Cancan Drape (Back Pleats)

Learn how to do the beautiful Cancan Drape! 

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Step #1:

First pleat the pallu and make sure to pin it so it stays together.

Step #2:

Place the pleated pallu over your left shoulder and measure it out to get the right height. Once you've done that, measure how far you want the nearest edge of the saree to go before you start pleating.

Step #3:

Start pleating, once you're done make sure to leave some fabric left (around 2-3 ft) to wrap around later.

Step #4:

Pin the pleats together and tuck it in to the back of your skirt.

Step #5:

Take the leftover fabric and bring it to the front and start pleating once more.

Step #6:

Tuck those pleats in to the front of your skirt and also make sure to tuck in any left over loose fabric as well.

Step #7:

There you go! Your very own Cancan Drape!


Check out the full tutorial on youtube!