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How To Drape A Saree | The Whimsical Drape

How To Drape A Saree | The Whimsical Drape

Learn how to do the Whimsical Drape!

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Step #1:

Stand in the middle of the saree holding an even amount of fabric in each hand and tie a knot at your waist.

Step #2:

Wrap the left piece from between your legs, under and over your left leg then pull it taut and hang it on your right shoulder.

Step #3:

Wrap the right piece around your right leg in the same way and tie the outside corners of both pieces together.

Step #4:

Drape the knot over your left shoulder with your arm through it. Pleat the ends of each piece and tuck the pleats into the back of your pants.

Step #5:

Finish off your look with a waist chain and there you have the Whimsical Drape!

Check out the full tutorial on Youtube!