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Petite 36" Nude 003 Saree Silhouette™

$75.00 CAD


The perfect accessory for all your sarees - from Kanchipuram silks to chiffon and cashmere.  Our Saree Silhouette skirts are comfortable to wear and make saree draping a breeze.

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Full-length 36" skirt, spandex blend.
Drawstring waist
Subtle flare bottom with slit

*Size down for a tighter fit 

Size  Waist (inches) Hip (inches)
XXS 22 - 28 28 - 34
XS 24 - 34 32 - 38
S 27 - 38 35 - 44
M 31 - 42 38 - 48
L 34 - 46 41 - 52
XL 38 - 54 44 - 58


Still unsure about sizing?  Please refer to our size guide 

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Sujiththa S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I placed an order in spring 2020 during a sale and as I was pregnant I was unsure of my sizings. I asked the team to hold onto my items just in case I changed my sizes. I did eventually change one of the blouse size and they were happy to change. I love the saree sillhoutee. This is my second one. In terms of the blouses, I was skeptical when you advised me to go for small when I was wearing medium sizing in all my clothes post pregnancy and changed one of the blouses to medium. But you guys were right! The medium is big on me but I will alter that to fit. I don’t know if its an European and North American difference but medium is quite large. I’m a UK size 10-12.

  • What size did you order? S
  • What is your age? 25-34 years old
India India
Give it a try and you won't ever regret!

When I first started using their Saree Silhouette (October'2018), Tia Bhuva had just two products in their kitty - Saree Silhouette and Cancan Skirts. Look how far they have come. The Saree Silhouette is a saviour and has made my Saree Draping a smooth affair! No more red marks on my waist, no more matching petticoats required, I just have one in Nude and one in Black and my life is sorted. I am lucky that I also have their Rose Gold Waistbelt, which was a Gift from Tia. Thank you Tia for this wonderful innovation. Been a loyal patron for more than two years now and have recommended it to countless people! Yes it is expensive, but all you need is two Saree Silhouettes. Plus she runs countless giveways and offers all the year! Will definitely order the Blouse next.

  • What size did you order? M
  • What is your age? 25-34 years old
United States United States
This should be made mandatory for every women!!!!!

This is a game changer for everyone who wears saree!!!! Often foreigners who wear saree say that saree is uncomfortable to manage because they haven’t wore saree silhouette. The material feels royal. The size chart is on point.. every women in your life need this.

  • What size did you order? S
  • What is your age? 25-34 years old
Sindhuja S.
Canada Canada
The only inskirt you will ever need!

I love love love this skirt. I have it in a few colors and have been an og fan and follower My fave part of wearing it is that when I'm out other women will know right away that I'm wearing one and ask, is that a sari silhouette? The material is amazing, it is so easy to travel with since you don't need a different one per sari, and it's also great to run around and get ready in, you can still look cute. Everyone needs atleast one. Don't delay in getting one, you will never regret it!

  • What size did you order? XS
  • What is your age? 35-44 years old Petite 36 Nude 003 Saree Silhouette™ Review
United States United States
Amazing fit and silk-smooth finish

I ordered this nude saree silhouette from Tiabhuva and I can’t me more amazed. The fit of the silhouette is like a glove hugging all the right places giving you the perfect shape to drape a saree. The material feels like butter and I am not exaggerating. It is so so comfortable. It is like yoga pants tight fit yet comfortable. Unless you own one you will not know what you are missing. I had no occasion but I had to drape a saree on this and see how it feels. It looked so much better than regular inskirt. You can comfortably sit on the floor even though it looks tight fit because of its stretchy nature. Don’t believe me? Just buy one for yourself and I am sure you will be amazed by this creation as much as I am♥️ The finish of these ss are so luxe I am planning to use them as a long skirt too!! P.S. I ordered more and even though I ordered one size up for the other orders, once I realized S fits me better I requested them change the other SS to one size down. As the other ss had not been dispatched yet they did adjust to my request. That is how good their customer service is. Just go for it you won’t be dissatisfied.

  • What size did you order? S
  • What is your age? 25-34 years old