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Care Instructions

Saree Silhouette

Please refer to the care tag attached to the inside of your Saree Silhouette for care instructions.

Cancan Skirt

We wrap the skirt in plastic so that it is protected against damage in transit.

However, because the silk cannot breathe, you may notice an odor when removing the skirt from the plastic wrap. Simply hang the skirt in an open room for 24-48 hours and the odor will disappear.

To iron the skirt, you have two options: iron on low (silk setting - which will take a long time) or set your iron to its highest setting (with steam) and use a white cotton pillow case as a barrier between the skirt and iron. This will speed up the ironing process and result in a beautiful cancan skirt ready to wear!


We recommend spot treating stains as quickly as they occur with water and mild washing detergent or shampoo. Alternatively, dry clean.