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Helps in sooo many ways

The first time I used the Saree Silhouette I was worried about the material and thought it might not hold, so I tied it super tight. Of course, I loved the way it looked and was super shocked when I took off the Saree Silhouette at the end of the night. No marks on my tummy (I have a lot of belly fat and always have, so I’ve always been in pain and have had red marks on my tummy after wearing a saree). Also loved the fact that the Saree Silhouette acted as tummy control. So other than give you a nice shape, it is super comfy to be in (I’ve worn the silhouette as a skirt at events) and moulds gorgeously to a tummy. P.S. You don’t have to tie it super tight ladies. It’s the perfect accessory to any wardrobe!