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Absolutely Stunning!!!

"I bought the Mauve Luxe saree in 6 yards. Before reviewing the saree, I would like to say that TiaBhuva’s service is great. I received the order within the mentioned time. Great work done by your whole team. Totally appreciate it. The Saree is so pretty with a subtle shine and very comfortable. Great quality. This saree makes draping easy breezy. On draping the saree, the pleats look like a waterfall and so graceful. The color is very pretty. I never knew mauve is my color, and Tia’s Instagram video made me buy this saree, and this purchase is totally worth it."

- Sraavani S.


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The only petticoat you will ever need!

"I cannot adequately describe how comfortable this product is and how good it makes you look in a saree!! Since it hugs your body, and the material is smooth, the saree beautifully wraps around your curves in the best way! Ever since I bought one, I haven't bought any petticoat skirts for my new sarees. This really is the only product you will ever need. And if you have sarees that are not see-through, then it doesn't really matter what color you get. I have a couple sarees that are made of a sheer material, so i've bought a nude, and black silhouette to best work with those sarees. I highly recommend this saree silhouette!"

- Anita M.

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It is like a second skin!!!

"The most comfortable petticoat ever. As soon as I received the shipment I tried it over my yoga pants and I still can't forget the feel. Its not just a product its an investment. I have bought one color that would cover 4-5 of my sarees. I am looking forward to buy more as I will add different colored sarees. The silhouette defines your curves and that lets the saree draping super easy. No more wide bottoms and super stylish drapes. Love it!!"
- Neha K
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Helps in sooo many ways

"The first time I used the Saree Silhouette I was worried about the material and thought it might not hold so I tied it super tight. Of course I loved the way it looked and was super shocked when I took off the Saree Silhouette at the end of the night. No marks on my tummy (I have a lot of belly fat and always have, so I’ve always been in pain and have had red marks on my tummy after wearing a saree). Also loved the fact that the saree silhouette acted as tummy control. So other than give you a nice shape, it is super comfy to be in (I’ve worn the silhouette as a skirt at events) and moulds gorgeously to a tummy. P.S. you don’t have to tie it super tight ladies. It’s the perfect accessory to any wardrobe!"

- Michelle

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