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Saree Silhouette FAQ

How can I see estimated prices in my currency?
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At the top left corner of our site, you can choose your currency from the drop down menu. If your currency is not listed, please email us at

Why does currency switch to USD at checkout?
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While we use the currency converter tool on our website to allow customers from all around the world to shop in their local currency, this should only be used as an estimate. All transactions are processed in USD at current exchange rate at checkout.

Orders placed from Canada will be charged in CAD.

Do I have to pay customs if I'm ordering from outside of Canada?
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Please refer to our shipping policy page for all info regarding customs.

My country is not currently listed on your shipping page, how can I order your products?
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If your country is not listed, please email us at with your mailing address and we will get back to you with a quote. All countries we currently ship to were a result of customers asking for them and we're always happy to add new destinations!

Do you have a storefront? Can I pick up my order?
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We do not have a storefront and sell exclusively through our online store and ship to customers' address.

We also do not have any authorized resellers - is currently the only place to purchase our products.

Why don't you offer free shipping for international customers?
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We wish we could! To offer our current product prices and level of service, we must charge our international customers a nominal fee for shipping. In return, you get tracked shipments and quick delivery (less than 7 business days once shipped to most countries around the world.) We know it's unnerving to order online and by offering quick, tracked delivery at a great price we aim to provide an easy, seamless shopping experience. 

Please note that ALL of our rates are per order and not per item - to reduce your shipping cost per item, we encourage all customers to place orders with friends & family!

Is the Saree Silhouette comfortable for sitting cross-legged on the floor?
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Both Tia and many of our customers have worn it to poojas and weddings where guests are required to sit on the floor with no issues. However, for brides who are required to sit on the floor for extended periods of time, we recommend test-driving the Saree Silhouette before your big day. Everyone is different and your wedding day is not the time to wear any new style of undergarment for the first time!

Which colour do you recommend for most sarees?
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For most light coloured sarees, we recommend the Nude or 18K Saree Silhouette and for dark coloured sarees we recommend the Black Saree Silhouette. For brides, we offer the Poppy and Vino Luxe Saree Silhouettes. For a limited time, we also have Rose Gold, Amethyst, Sapphire, Silver, Mauve, Liquid Gold, Caramel, Dahlia, Peony, Violet, Copper and Titanium available.

Still confused? Please email with your waist and hip measurements and we'll be happy to help!

Should I choose petite 36" length, regular 38" length or tall 40" length?
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We recommend petite 36" length for most 5'2" (158cm) and under and regular 38" length for most 5'3" (159cm) and over. For those 5'8" (172cm) and over, we recommend tall 40" length. If you're still unsure, measure the length of a maxi skirt you have that hits at your ankles (don't use pants because they fit your body differently).

My Saree Silhouette is "sticking" to my saree - why is this happening?
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This is due to static and is common in countries in the northern hemisphere. We recommend washing the skirt and hanging to dry. If you are short on time, try rubbing the skirt with a dryer sheet to neutralize it. 

I'm unsure about which size to order, can you help?
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Of course! Please email us at with your waist and hip measurements as well as height and we would be happy to recommend a size!

Why do you recommend sizing down on the Saree Silhouettes?
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Our skirts are made of a spandex blend material and are super stretchy. The measurements listed on our product page is of the skirt when relaxed. Depending on the size of the skirt, waist and hip measurements can stretch up to 8-12 inches. If you email us at we can recommend a size for tight fit and comfort fit.