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How to Drape A Saree | The Off Shoulder Dress Drape

How to Drape A Saree | The Off Shoulder Dress Drape

Learn how to do the Off Shoulder Dress Drape!

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Step #1:

To measure how much of the pallu you need to pleat, place it on your left shoulder, bring it around your right shoulder and let the rest of the saree hang around your hip.  


Step #2:

Take the pallu on the right side of your waist and measure to see how much you can tuck in. Mark the pallu on the left side of your waist with a safety pin. *That'll be the marker for the length of the pleats*

Step #3:

Start taking your pallu pleats. For this drape you will need to take three big, wide pleats.


Step #4:

Pin the pleats together with a safety pin. *Pin them at three points covering the length of the pallu*


Step #5:

Start tucking in your saree with one round. Take the pallu and bring it around your left shoulder, making sure that the safety pin is around your waist. *This will determine the placement of your pallu*


Step #6: 

Take the rest of the pallu and bring it over your right shoulder from back to front. Make sure you have enough fabric to tuck into your waist.

 Step #7:

Take the extra fabric, bring it around your back and start your front pleats.


Step #8:

Once you're done, stagger the pleats, pin them together, and tuck them in.


Step #9:

Adjust the side pleat fabric to make sure that it is nice and tight. You want to pull it towards your right hip, twist, and tuck it into your underskirt. Fold forward and tuck any remaining fabric on your left side.


Step #10:

Put the pallu over your left shoulder then wrap it around your right shoulder and bring it to the front. Tuck the end of the pallu into your waist. *You can also use a pin to secure it in place*

 Step #11:

Add a waist chain to complete the look, and there you have the Off Shoulder Dress Drape!