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How To Drape A Saree | The Cancan Nivi Drape

How To Drape A Saree | The Cancan Nivi Drape

Learn how to do the Cancan Nivi Drape!

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Step #1:

Drape your pallu over your left shoulder a little shorter than you normally would to allow for more pleats later.

Step #2:

Wrap the saree around your body and grab the other end, leaving about a meter of fabric.

Step #3:

Start pleating your saree.

Step #4:

Stagger your pleats and smooth down any extra fabric before tucking them in.

Step #5:

Pin your pleats and tuck them in.

Tip 1:

If you have any rogue pleats, press them down to the bottom with your fingers.

Tip 2:

Kick your pleats to see how long you need them to be before tucking them in.

Step #6:

Pleat the remaining end of your saree starting from the bottom edge and tuck the pleats into the back of your Cancan skirt.

Step #7: 

Adjust the pallu and pleats to your liking.

Step #8:

Add a waist chain to hold everything together and there you have the Cancan Nivi Drape!

Check out the full tutorial on Youtube!