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How to Drape A Saree | The Bengali Drape

How to Drape A Saree | The Bengali Drape

Learn how to do the Bengali Drape!

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Step #1:

Iron the entire saree.

Step #2:

Determine how wide you want your pallu and start pleating. This drape requires an extra long pallu.

Step #3:

Measure your pallu. It should reach from your shoulder to slightly grazing the floor.

Step #4:

Drape your pallu over your left shoulder from front to back and measure for your desired length. Mark your desired length with a safety pin.


Step #5: 

Start tucking in your saree as flat as possible. Once you've completed one round, take your pallu and drape it over your left shoulder. Use the shoulder safety pin as your guide for placement.


Step #6:

Start pleating the front pleats taking extra wide pleats, making sure they're as flat as possible.


Step #7:

Fan out the pallu and tuck in any extra fabric in the back.


Step #8: 

If needed, adjust your bottom pleats so that they're all one length and to the side.

Step #9: 

Pleat the end of your pallu and pin it to the front of your right shoulder.


Step #10:

If you'd like, add a waist chain to finish your off your look and there you have the Bengali Drape!

 Check out the full tutorial on YouTube!