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How to Drape a Saree | Gujurati Drape

How to Drape a Saree | Gujurati Drape

A traditional look that's perfect for any function! 

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Step #1:

Before starting make sure that you iron your saree so that it'll make pleating and draping easier. First start off by pleating your pallu.

Step #2:

  Pin the pleats together and then fan them out to iron them.

Step #3:

Establish the base of your saree and tuck it in to your silhouette flat against your body.

Step #4: 

 Bring the pallu you made earlier around your body and drape it around your right shoulder. After this start pleating!

Step #5:

For the authentic Gujurati drape your pleats would usually face the left, however having your pleats face to the right hugs your curves well! Once you've picked a side pin and tuck your pleats in and tuck in any excess fabric on the outside.

Step #6:

 You have the option of dragging the left most pleat to your side and pinning it or you can just leave your pallu as is. Pair it with a waist chain and Voila! The Gujurati Drape!



Check out the full tutorial on youtube here