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How To Drape A Saree | As A Ballgown

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How To Drape A Saree | As A Ballgown

A South Asian twist to the princess ballgown ✨

Products used:

Prior to starting the drape:

Pleat and pin the pallu of your saree.

Step #1: 

Drape your pallu over the right shoulder.

Step #2: 

Take the rest of your saree and bring it around to the front.

Step #3: 

Start to pleat your saree about 5 inches from the end of your saree. Here's where you will be building your princess skirt effect!

Step #4:

Pin your pleats together and then fluff them out at the bottom of your skirt. Tuck them in at the front of your Cancan Skirt.

Step #5:

Pick up the side of your saree and pleat from border to border.

Step #6:

Pin those pleats together and tuck them into the back of your Cancan Skirt.

Step #7:

Your ballgown drape is complete! 


See our full tutorial on youtube here!